Jetsoft Remote Browser for iPad

Download server program(Latest version 1.0.3 2011/4/15)


Demo Video

What is Jetsoft Remote Browser for iPad?

Jetsoft Remote Browser for iPad is a web browser which runs on iPad.
It shows PC web browser's images and play PC web browser's sounds by using PC server and WiFi connection.
You have to install server program on PC server to use this App.

Touch and Software Keyboard
You control this App by touch and software keyboard at iPad

From iPad to Server
The informations of touch and software keyboard are send to Server.

From Server to iPad
Server's program send browser's image and sound to iPad.

Basic function

Jetsoft Remote Browser for iPad specification

You needs iPad and Windows PC as server and WiFi connection.

OS:iOS3.2 or above

Windows PC(Server)
OS:Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7
64bit OS is not supported.
.NetFramework:3.5 or above
SoundCard:needs SoundMixture

You must install addon(Flash,Silverlight,etc what you want to use) to InternetExplorer.