Jetsoft Remote Browser for iPad


(Server program install)
Q1.After click setup.exe , "An unidentified program wants access to your computer" is displayed.
You can select "Allow" or "Cancel".
A1.Click "Allow".

Q2.After install , some message about port is displayed.
A2.Some firewall program may display the warning message.
Permit the "remotebrowser.exe" to use network access or open the port which you specify at "Port" tab in "Configuration" dialog.
Default port that program use are port 50001 and port 50002.
There is "remotebrowser.exe" at the folder that you installed.

Q1.There is no PC name on "Connect to Server" view at iPad. iPad cannot connect to server PC.
A1.There are 3 answers.
(1)If the server PC and iPad have not the same local area's IP Address , PC name will not send to iPad.
If your PC's IP address is , your iPad's IP address must be 192.168.0.n. (n is 2 to 254)
(2)If the server PC have firewall program , permit the "remotebrowser.exe" to use network access or open the port which you specify at Configuration dialog.
(3)Try to set "IPAddress" at iPad.

Q2.I forget the password.
A2.Set another password at server PC or un-check the "Use password" checkbox.

Q1.I cannot hear sound at iPad.
(Windows XP)
Server program needs the sound mixture to capture the sound.
The sound mixture must be available on the Record tab at Sound in Control Panel.
If your sound card has not sound mixture , you can not hear sound at iPad.

(Windows Vista)
Try (1) or (2).
(1)Change "Core Audio" device at "Option" tab in "Configuration" dialog.
(2)Check "Use WaveIn" at "Option" tab in "Configuration" dialog.

Q2.There is a noise in sound.
A2.If you use CoreAudio , there is a noise in sound.
If your PC can use WaveIn , please use WaveIn.