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Flash HTML5 Content
Sample1 Sample1 Jetsoft P2S Converter demo
Sample2 Sample2 Banner
Sample3 Sample3 Slide Transition(57)
Making Making The making of Jetsoft P2S Converter
Sample4 Sample4 Animation[Entrance](51)
Sample5 Sample5 Animation(Emphasis)(31)
Sample6 Sample6 Animation[Exit](51)
Sample7 Sample7 Animation[Motion Paths](68)
Sample8 Link of swf files
Sample9 Sample9 Narration
Sample10 Flash object
Sample11 Sample11 Sample1 with navigation

This sample includes video and sound.
This file is big because this file includes video.
The video file in PowerPoint file is the MPEG file whose size is 2135KB.

This sample includes two minutes narration.

This samples include Flash object.

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