Convert PowerPoint to Flash and HTML5

Jetsoft P2S Converter

Jetsoft P2S Converter is the tool that you can convert a PowerPoint file to a Flash and AVI and HTML5 file.
After ver.1.07, you can convert to an AVI file.
After ver.2.0.0, you can convert to a HTML5 file.

The price is $98 or 9800JPY.

Please download the program and use it as trial version.

If you want to know the detail of Jetsoft P2S Converter,download the program and read the help file.

Specification Jetsoft P2S Converter specification
FAQ Jetsoft P2S Converter FAQ
Sample Jetsoft P2S Converter conversion sample
History Jetsoft P2S Converter history
How to use a SWF file The information about how to use a SWF file

Program Download

Latest version is 2.0.16. Click here to download latest version.
Execute the download program or unzip download file , then you get 7 files.

setup.exe This is the program to Install the Jetsoft P2S Converter.
readme_eng.txt Please read this file before installation.(English)
readme.txt Please read this file before installation.(Japanese)
Jetsoft_P2S_eng.chm This is the English help file.You can get the detail of Jetsoft P2S Converter.
Jetsoft_P2S.chm This is the Japanese help file.You can get the detail of Jetsoft P2S Converter.
history_eng.txt This is the history of Jetsoft P2S Converter.(English)
history.txt This is the history of Jetsoft P2S Converter.(Japanese)

Trial version limitations

version download release date filesize(KB)
2.0.16 2019/7/21 7570
2.0.5 2016/10/31 7536
2.0.1 2016/1/27 7509
2.0.0 2016/1/12 7540
1.18.10 2015/7/6 6857
1.18.8 2015/3/24 6856
1.18.2 2014/5/26 6760
1.18 2014/4/2 6756
1.16 2012/10/19 6476
1.15 2011/4/11 6411
1.14 jetsoftp2s114.exe 2010/5/11 6350
1.10 jetsoftp2s110.exe 2007/8/20 4844
1.09 jetsoftp2s109.exe 2006/4/3 4657
1.08 jetsoftp2s108.exe 2005/10/11 4367
1.07a jetsoftp2s107a.exe 2005/8/27 4301
1.07 jetsoftp2s107.exe 2005/7/30 4235
1.06 jetsoftp2s106.exe 2004/12/1 3614
1.05 jetsoftp2s105.exe 2004/8/25 3605


The price is $98 or 9800JPY/License Key.
When you send money and get a licensekey,You can use this software as full version.
You can get license key from Jetsoft store or PayPal.
PayPal is not active now.

Jetsoft store


How to register License Key

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